Saturday, July 18, 2009

About Charley

"I have Downs Syndrome but I'm afraid I might catch it if I'm around others who have it, I love watching other people work, I am mechanical or at least I think I am, I love being home with Mom and Dad. When Mom and Dad can't get me to do something Mom says she's gonna tell on me to Mr. Bailey. I love Missy Cat,laying on my bed watching movies upside down in my mirror, going to Cam and Beth's camp, going to summer camp, swimming, blue goggles, chicken, chocolate milkshakes, anything electronic even though I tend to take everything apart, french fries, bbq sauce, black muscle shirts, new blue jeans, having more than one t.v. hooked up in my room at a time, Dianne, Ronaldt, Ruth, Connie, Marcy, Graham, Grammy, Grobbie, Grandma Margie, Granpa Jerry, Mike, Ann, Collin, Joanna, Doug, Donnie Cat, M. Kay, Adam, Yvonne, Bill, Sue, I miss Calvin, I love going to the movies, playing basketball, frisbee, baseball, going for walks, and playing jokes on Mom, One of my favorite things to do is go to a hotel room with Mom and Dad because they always let me get chicken and french fries and stay up late watching t.v. My favorite quotes are "Don't say it" and "What time is it? School's OUT!"