Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Word about BIRD

On the hunt to find another bird. This one came from Cracker Barrel...that place that costs money every time I walk in, and I don't mean lunch.

If you read my book, then you know all about "Bird."

If you didn't, then let me enlighten you...BIRD repeats everything Charley says. Twice. So just in case you weren't sure you heard it right the first time, BIRD repeats it. Sometimes this makes Charley happy, like when he and Bird are watching a movie together.

Charley will say, "See dat?"

And BIRD will repeat him. "See dat? See dat?"

Sometimes BIRD makes Charley mad. Like, when Charley is mad at me, and he goes to his room to tell me off. 

Charley says, "Mom mean."

BIRD says, "Mom mean. Mom mean."

Or when Charley lets a cuss word fly. "Dum it!"

BIRD says, "Dum it! Dum it!"

That's when he doesn't want me overhearing. He'll say, "Sut up BIRD!"

And Bird will say, "Sut up BIRD! Sut up BIRD!"

I guess you could say that besides his DVD player and his tape recorder, BIRD is Charley's favorite toy. So much so that it has cost me, and cost me...batteries, and more batteries, not to mention that BIRD cost us $20.

Well, today tragedy struck. Brad and I are having our coffee, and here comes Charley. He's crying. "Mom, BIRD broke."

Oh no.

He holds BIRD out so we can see. Sure enough, his head was dismantled and it's wires were sticking out. BIRD had to go. But not before we promised to see if we could get him another BIRD.

I know this is wrong, but I am sitting here praying that we can find him another BIRD.

See, BIRD is not just a talking's Charley's best friend. So when he said, "BIRD broke," he was saying "My best friend broke."

So yes, it's Sunday...a day of prayer and meditation. This is the Lord's day. It's also a trip to Cracker Barrel. 

Can I ask you to say a little prayer that BIRD, or at least his twin will be there? Waiting for a beautiful, sweet young man named Charley to give him a good home?

And as Charley would say, "Kanks."