My favorite Blogs

There are blogs, and then there are blogs I love. These are my favorites.

Mardra Sikora: Written by a mother of a young man with Down syndrome, Mardra's message is simple. "I love my son." When I need comfort, joy, strength, and hope, I turn to Mardra. I love her written words, and I know you will too. Here's her link: 

The Road We've Shared: I can think of many words to describe Stephanie Holland, of "The Road We've Shared," but the one that always pops up first, is "Warrior." She is relentless in her advocacy for people with Down syndrome, and incredibly generous in helping others spread the word. I have learned a lot from her. I know you will too. You can find her here:

A Geezer's Journal: Richard Goodman was my first mentor at Spalding University's MFA program, where I studied creative writing. A giver, Richard's encouragement was second to none, and the first time I met him he looked me in the eye. "You can do this, Sherry," he said, and dang it, I believed him. I was afraid not to! He meant business. I thank God every day that I was a student of Richard's. Author of French Dirt and A New York Memoir, Richard remains one of my favorite writers, and people.

Now, with his blog, A Geezer's Journal, Richard gets to the heart of what it means to get older. I'm in that category, and love the humor. Write on, Richard, you rock, geezer! 

Nested: I met Kate at Spalding University while we were both studying for our MFA. My biggest regret is that I didn't find her sooner. If you want to laugh until your cheeks hurt, this is the blog for you. Nested does just what it says. It makes you want to pull up a couch, and nest for a while. You never know what she is going to post, and that's what makes it so much fun. You simply can't come away from Nested in a bad mood.  Here's the link:  Nested

Dania Rejendra:  Dania is one amazing wordsmith. No matter what she writes, it's always a good read. She's warm and funny, and always has something to say. She's a food blogger who posts pictures of her food. Yum! Won't you visit her page? Here's the link: Dania Rajendra

MarthaMuse:  Authored by the one, the only, Martha Bourlakas, a fellow minister's wife, and a soul sister. If you want to read about good food and about her special needs daughter Hannah along with the rest of her clan, you can't beat MarthaMuse. Be prepared to laugh. And cry. You will come away enlightened again and again. Here's her link:  MarthaMuse

Looks Great Naked: So happy to share this link with you, written by my friend Sandi Hutcheson. Sandi recently launched her ebook, "Looks Great Naked," available on Amazon. It's a great read and a story worth sharing. Her book has been in the top 100 best sellers list in her category, and is doing quite well, but then, was there ever any doubt? Way to go Sandi, you are one heck of a writer.  Here's the link where you, too, can read all about Sandi, her dogs, and even her Dad. You'll laugh and empathize with her with every word. Here's the link to Sandi's website:  Looks Great Naked

Jeff Goins Writer: Now here's a writer who is generous and humble - that's hard to find! Jeff writes a blog that encourages other writers, and helps us dream our dreams. He is a fabulous blogger and doesn't keep his goodies to himself. He shares what he knows so that others may learn from him. If you are a writer, run, don't walk. Run to his website and embrace his message. Your writing life will never be the same. Here's the link: Goins Writer

A Widow's Apprenticeship: Sometimes there are no words to describe the beauty of someone's written word. This is that. Visit Lori on her blog as she ventures to live life to the fullest following the much too early death of her beloved husband. Her words will touch you in a way you will not soon forget. Here is Lori's blog:

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