Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Walkin', yes indeed, I'm Walkin'

Well bless my pea pickin' little soul, I thought Mom was gonna have a melt-down today. I don't know what she got so excited about. You see, Graham gave me his old pair of cowboy boots, and well, being from Texas and all, I thought I better try them out so I decided to walk to work this morning. The only problem was, it's 41 miles and the boots didn't fit right, and my feet were wobbling, but I didn't care, I was strutting my stuff. Dad caught up with me in the car, and Mom was in her car right behind him. Mercy sakes, they were both hollering out the window telling me to get in the car, you'd have thought I'd broken the law or somehting, and wouldn't you just know it, I wasn't sure which car to get in, so I finally got in Dad's car, and off we went. He drove me all the way to work! I'm not sure what he was mumbling, but it was under his breath. Then Mom and dad exchanged some horrified looks out their car windows at each other and Mom rolled her eyes. That's one of her many talants, you know. She doesn't just roll her eyes, she rolls them until you get the message that you are in the dog house but good.

Mom said she loved me lots, and I'm not supposed to be out walking on the road because it's too dangerous. I told her I was sorry and I would never do that, "ever ever again," then she said she loved me again, and if I ever did that again she'd flatten me like a bug, and don't think she couldn't do it.

I've packed my bags and am ready to go to Dianne's house tomorrow. I just love Dianne. She lets me bring every last one of my videos and DVDs and the I spread them all over the floor and flop on the bed and she brings me chicken and milk. She's not as grouchy as Mom about the condition of the room because she knows I'll pack it all up and take it with me when I leave, and she even gives me a parting gift, and it's a real fun day.

Welp, till next time, if you think you've got it bad, just try walking a mile in my shoes...or better yet, try walking 41 miles in my boots!

Later dudes,

Charley Palmer

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