Sunday, January 4, 2015

Preacher's Son Apprehended. A-rest to Follow



Knoxville, TN. 

In the wee hours of Saturday, Precinct 8612 in Jefferson County received a frantic phone call reporting a break-in at the home of the Reverend Brad Palmer. 

Roving reporter Matilda Farnsworth was on the scene of the crime, where the Preacher's wife stated that just after 3:00 a.m. she heard the sound of her son's bedroom door opening, followed by a flash of light. Moments later she found the refrigerator door ajar, and that's when she knew there'd been a break-in.

In an exclusive interview, Mrs. Palmer said she noticed her 24-year old son moving in a suspicious manner through the hallway, then disappearing into his room. She asked if anything was wrong to which he replied, "I got dis..."

When questioned as to whether anything was missing, she stated "Only the milk."

According to Farnsworth, the Reverend's son has been known to raid the refrigerator at all hours of the night. "I'm not one to cry over spilt milk, but I just can't help it," she told Farnsworth. "When Charley says he's got dis, he means he's got milk," stated the Mrs., adding, "Not only has he made off with our milk, he killed our breakfast. The kid is a cereal murderer."

Numerous warnings were issued, including yelling, "Stop Thief!" However, attempts to keep her son out of the fridge in the middle of the night were unsuccessful.

Further details are unavailable at this time, but the Preacher's wife did disclose that future plans for imposing a kitchen curfew along with a refrigerator lockdown are underway, and that her husband slept through the entire occurrence. 

No charges were filed but the 8612 Precinct Insomnia Police have offered her an all expense paid trip to Sleepy Town. The Preacher's wife stated that she looks forward to an a-rest just as soon as she returns from the Loony Bin.

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Sherry McCaulley Palmer is the author of Life With Charley: A Memoir of Down Syndrome Adoption, available at: 

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Three Cheers for Charley! October 15, 2014
By Sandi Hutcheson (Author, Looks Great Naked)

"There are times when we just have to hold our breath and jump in," Sherry Palmer writes of the decision she and her husband, Brad, made in 1990 to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome. Life With Charley: A Memoir of Down Syndrome recounts their joyful journey, and it is a beautiful story. Palmer is a gifted storyteller whose honesty and candor and all-out love for her son will earn her readers' deepest respect. You'll laugh, you'll cringe, you'll wonder how she does it, and you'll hope for the pleasure of someday meeting Charley and his parents in person."

                                                                           *  *  *

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  1. Hilarious! we use the "busted" word a lot around here too!